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Wealth Transfer Strategies

Most of you have heard the nightmarish stories of the person who spent a lifetime accumulating wealth, only to see much of that wealth disappear after that person died.  Let’s be candid; all of us are just passing through this world.  Knowing this, we believe clients should fully understand the options available to them that will ensure their wishes are carried out and that the wealth they’ve accumulated will not be diminished by estate and/or income taxes.

This can be a complicated subject to address.  Our goal is to make sure our clients understand the income tax and estate tax ramifications of the decisions they make while living.  Proper wealth transfer planning gives our clients confidence that their assets will be passed on to the people or institutions they designate without being unnecessarily reduced by taxes.  Proper planning also reduces stress on heirs at a difficult time, tends to be less costly when done in advance, and greatly reduces the time frame necessary to complete the transfer of assets.

We invite you to call us and arrange a candid, confidential discussion about your wealth transfer goals and/or concerns and allow us to explore whether we may of service to you and your family.