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Retirement Account Transfer Strategies

Many people have accumulated sizable balances in their IRAs or retirement accounts.  For some, this is the single largest financial asset they own.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that many are not aware of the potential pitfalls that come into play if they have not properly planned to transfer their retirement accounts.  The rules concerning transfers at death of retirement accounts vary depending on where the account is custodied, who is inheriting it, and whether the original account owner had begun taking distributions from the account before the date of death.  Many heirs are totally shocked when they learn that the tax bite out of the IRA they are inheriting can easily exceed 50% and could have been avoided with proper planning.

Remember that all distributions from a traditional retirement account are taxable.  If you own a sizable retirement account and have not yet considered the strategies available to you to offset the taxes due on distribution, you owe it to yourself and your heirs to explore your options. 

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